Friday, May 6, 2011

Fundraiser is Still in Process

Please scroll down on the blog to see where to donate and how to email me your receipt....

Just be aware that I am going to be away unexpectedly for the weekend, but I will be checking email and updating everything as often as possible!!!! Let's raise some money for Japan!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The List!

1. effiethedal
2. CL
3. pipercat99
4. loulou
5. kogepanic
6. mizzezzpeel
7. Tunga
8. pipercat99
9. CL
10. effiethedal
11. pommepomme
12. esmereldes
13. pipercat99
15. loulou
17. kogepanic
19. effiethedal
20. CL
21. pipercat99
23. loulou
24. mizzezzpeel
25. CL
27. kogepanic
28. effiethedal
29. ♥~Vicki~♥
30. CL
31. esmereldes
34. loulou
39. loulou

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

For Japan Fundraiser Starting NOW!!!

Sorry for the delays!!! I have been waiting for information from some contributors, and I haven't heard, so I am going to go ahead and start the raffle, and there will be prizes added as I get more updates from the people donating them! :D

So far, there are pictures of the first three prizes...but prize four will also be described below!

Prize 1
Bow Wow Trad Mint Blythe, two dresses, plus other Blythe items

Prize 2
Hello Kitty For Japan tote and a plethora of Sanrio items

Prize 3
Odeco/Nikki/Usagi/Lati outfit including dress and headband

Prize 4
Mini-Wardrobe for your dolly! (you choose either lati, pullip, dal, blythe or odeco) consists of three dresses, one pair of pants, one shirt, one pair of effiedalshop pajamas. plus a few surprises!!!

(more added here later!)

Tickets: $10 each
How to DONATE: Please send your donation (in increments of $10) to The Japanese Red Cross
How to let me know you did it: The Red Cross will send you an email with your donation receipt. Please forward your donation receipt email to me at As soon as I see it, I will add your name to the list that I will keep here.

Raffle Start Date is May 3, 2011 and the end date will be May 10th at 4 pm Pacific U.S.A. time (California)

Let's raise some funds for Japan!!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

May 2-May 9th Japan Fundraising Event!

Sorry for the many delays! They couldn't be helped, but the added time has allowed for some additional prizes to be will be uploaded as they become available, but I wanted to let you all know that this IS happening, and that there are already some awesome prizes being donated in honor of Japan!!!

Donations: Will be sent directly to the Japanese Red Cross using one of the options they have placed on their WEBSITE. The email receipt of the donation will need to be sent to my email address (posted at the start of the event) so that I can verify that it was made, and to add the donation maker's name to the list. *wink*

Some prizes are still forthcoming...which, in the not a bad thing, I know that last time, the addition of late prizes added to the funds that were sent to Japan, so I am not stressed! :D

Currently, I have the following prize pictures:
First is a Bow Wow Trad Neo Sized Blythe Doll, two dresses, a Blythe picture and a notebook from BlytheChic!!!

Second is a Hello Kitty Prize PACKAGE from esmereldes!!!
(everything in the below photo is included, and that lovely bag was sold at Sanrio stores to raise money for Japan, and it is being used to do so AGAIN! :D )

Third is a Lati/Odeco sized Outfit from JoJoLing (aka JoeyKBlythe) on etsy!!!
(included is the dress and hairclip in the picture!)

There are going to be MORE prizes!!! Pictures will be coming ASAP!!!!
if you are wanting to donate a prize, PLEASE let me know immediately so I can plan for it! Thanks SO much!!!!!


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Late April Japan Fundraiser

Hello there everyone!
Japan is going to need the next few months and beyond....there are going to be needs which the Red Cross and other organizations will still be meeting. I have been approached by several people asking if I would hold another raffle where they could donate items towards raising money for Japan. I would love to do this!

However, there are going to be TWO main differences to this raffle. ;) Both are described below:
1) All prizes will be described and listed at the official start of the auction, so those of you who are wanting to donate, NOW is the time to start thinking about it because I would like to have pictures posted when I start the raffle. I don't mind the number of prizes, but I want to have a more organized donation/send off. (last time was fine, but I want myself to be more organized this go around!)


2) We will not be going through the EVIL that is PayPal. I will set it up where you donate directly to your country's Red Cross and forward the email confirmation that they send you to my email address. (I will be noting donation dates....)

Now is the time where you let me know what you would like to donate for the raffle....Like I said, I will not be starting this raffle until the END of April, so we have some time to sew, create, etc....items for donation! :D (I already know that several blythe dolls will be a part of this raffle!)

Take care, and thank you ALL for your continued support!

Have a possible donation you wanna talk to me about? my email is shawna.clifton (at)